11 July 2024

There will be 11 new MRT stations in Bangkok, and 4 of them are very special.

The 4 are underground train stations at Wat Mangkorn, Samyod, Sanamchai and Itsaraphap, all on the MRT Blue Line extension.

Style and design in each station will be unique to the area in which it is located. They will be considered work of arts and will be both splendid and functional.

1) Wat Mangkorn station

Wat Mangkorn station is in the Sino-Portuguese-style, inspired by a rich Chinese heritage as it is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Here, you can see Chinese art and design, such as Chinese dragon motifs, complicated floral patterns and the use of red and gold.

Furthermore, main staircase leading into the station will resemble the scales of a dragon’s belly. The entrance of the station will be part of a dragon’s tail. This is certainly one of the boldest new station designs and should fit perfectly with the area’s blend of Thai and Chinese heritage in the area.

You can use this station to visit Bangkok’s Chinatown and experience the best street food area in the world.

2) Samyod Station

This station is inspired by the famous Samyod arch and former government buildings on Charoen Krung Road.

The exterior is designed following colonial style architecture. The interior will feature historical photos showing the history of the location and how it has changed.

You can use this station to explore Bangkok’s marvelous old town.

This will be a really nice place to take photos.

3) Sanam Chai Station

This station is located in the centre of Rattanakosin Island, which is one of the most famous tourist areas in Thailand.

This station was designed by a National Artist who is a visual art-architect, Dr. Pinyo Suwankiri. The interior design takes the shape of a Rattanakosin-era state room, decorated with Thai art. You will feel like you are in a palace rather than a place of public transportation.

The main hallway will have a gorgeous red ceiling with glittering chandeliers and white columns decorated with golden fixtures.

Rattanakosin Island is also a conservation area where you can explore a lot of Thailand’s heritage, such as the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew), Wat Pho, the National Gallery and many more attractions.

The train from Sanam Chai to Itsaraphap will travel at a depth of 30 meters under the Chao Phraya River.

4) Itsaraphap station

As the first MRT station in the Thonburi region, this will bring more transportation choice to the residents.

The main theme of this station is the mythical golden swan, which pays tribute to the majestic Wat Hong Rattanaram, one of the most famous and respected temples in Thonburi.

The interior will amaze you with its gold furnishings. The ceilings and columns of the main terminal are decorated with golden swan iconography.

You can use this station to explore the area that was once the capital city of Thailand and to see the simple lifestyle of the local people.

The final special feature of this section of line is that the trains travel both underground and above ground, emerging at Tha Phra station.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience these amazing MRT stations yourself.