11 July 2024

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin paid a private visit to former prime minister and prison parolee Thaksin Shinawatra at his Ban Chan Song La residence in Thonburi on Saturday morning.

He was seen arriving in a brand new “sonic titanium” Lexus LM350H Executive 4-seater prime ministerial staff car. He lowered the window to “wai” reporters and photographers gathered in front of the residence, without giving an interview.

He is the first high-ranking Thai government official to visit Thaksin since he was released on parole from the Police General Hospital on February 18th. The first VIP to visit Thaksin was former Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen.

The prime minister said that Thaksin offered him moral support and asked him to look after his health, adding that they did not discuss politics but that he would welcome Thaksin’s recommendations or opinions.

He praised Thaksin as Thailand’s most popular prime minister and for being very resourceful.

Thaksin’s health, he said, appears to be improving, though he stills looks tired but is cheerful, perhaps because he is now home after 17 years of living in exile.