11 July 2024

31 people died and 404 others were injured in 385 road accidents yesterday, bringing the death toll for the first two of the “Seven Dangerous Days” to 71, with 739 injured.

34.55% of the road accidents involved speeding, 22.60% involved drunk driving. 85.29% involved motorcycles and 80.52% of the incidents occurred on main roads, according to the Command Centre for the Prevention and Reduction of Road Accidents during the New Year holidays.

Khon Kaen tops the list with most accidents at 31. Bangkok and Prachin Buri have seen the most deaths, at five each. Khon Kaen and Tak have the most injured victims, at 30 each.

Yesterday, Tak province recorded 18 accidents, the highest of all the provinces, in which 18 people were injured. Four died in Bangkok.

Justice Minister Tawee Sodsong said that, since most holidaymakers are celebrating with families or friends today, and there is a likelihood that many of them will drink and, more drunk drivers can be anticipated after the celebrations.

He said the police, military personnel, local administration officials and volunteers have been instructed to increase blood-alcohol checks on motorists and motorcyclists and ensure crash helmets are worn on bikes.