11 July 2024

The Mountain B pub fire in Sattahip District of Chon Buri Province on August 5th claimed its 25th victim yesterday (Saturday).

26-year-old Parichart Kwanyoengyong was admitted to the Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital in Sattahip for treatment of burns on the night of the fire. She was there for a day before being transferred to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Bangkok for treatment. Yesterday, it was decided not to continue her treatment, because her body was not respondingto it.

The victim’s sister, Darawadi Katekaew, told the media that Parichart suffered a blood infection, as well as lung and kidney problems, requiring dialysis around the clock.

She said that her body will be brought back to Rayong province for a funeral at Nong Wa Temple.

Thirteen people, mostly customers of the pub and some staff members and musicians, died on the night of the deadly fire. 44 others were injured, including several who suffered serious burns, twelve of whom have since died in hospital.