SEAL commander outlines rescue challenges

The Navy SEAL commander this morning outlined the difficulties and challenges his rescue team will be facing when they begin advancing toward the so-called Pattaya Beach inside Tham Luang cave  where the missing 12 young footballers and their coach are believed to be stranded.

Rear Adm Arpakorn Yookongkaew said the section separating the target area from chamber 3 where the SEAL unit has established a forward command is still heavily flooded with muddy rain water.  It means the SEAL divers will have to find their way in darkness with the help of flashlights.

He estimated that the distance between the newly-set up forward command and Pattaya Beach is about 3 kilometres. The SEAL divers will need to make sure that they have enough oxygen to cover the distance.  Their first task is to put in place a rope to guide direction.

Photo credit: Facebook – Thai NavySEAL

He said oxygen supplies are most crucial for the rescuers.  Oxygen cylinders, therefore, will need to be placed at every 25-metre mark along the way.  The divers will also have to carry spare oxygen tanks and foods for the 13 missing who will need to be given a diving crash course to dive their way out.

The commander said the SEAL divers will also drag along with them a phone cable to establish a communication line with the command centre.

“Whatever we do, safety is our first priority,” he said and vowed not to stop the rescue mission  “until all are found.”


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