11 July 2024

The National Legislative Assembly today unanimously approved the National Strategy which will be legally binding for 20 years until 2037 to all government agencies and public organizations.


The 20-year National Strategy received 179-0 votes with four abstentions.  It will be submitted to His Majesty the King for approval by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha after which the National Strategy Committee will draft a master plan covering all the six strategic areas.


The six strategic areas are security, competitiveness enhancement, social equality, human resources development, green growth and rebalancing and public sector development.


All government agencies and public organizations are required to comply with the master plan and budget allocations must be in line with the plan.


Compliance with the national strategy will be monitored by the National Strategy Committee and the National Anti-Corruption Commission will be notified if there is a non-compliance.


The national strategy will be reviewed every five years and may be changed in accordance with global or national situations but a parliamentary review must be sought first.


The national strategy has been heavily criticized by political parties, especially Pheu Thai and Future Forward for being a tool to ensure prolonged stay in power of the military junta.