11 July 2024

The 12 Moo Pa Academy football players and their coach will be released from hospital tomorrow — a day earlier than planned, Chiang Rai Governor Prajon Pratsakul confirmed today.

Mr Prajon said the young survivors of Tham Luang cave saga will also speak to the media for the first time tomorrow at a press conference to be telecast live on “Thailand Moving Forward,” a daily television programme initiated by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) after seizing power four years ago. The programme will be beamed live from the office of Chiang Rai provincial administration starting at 6.00pm.

However, journalists will be not be allowed to pose questions directly to the young footballers. They are requested to submit their questions in writing before-hand to be screened by psychiatrists, the governor said. The psychiatrists will decide which of the questions should be conveyed to them.

Even though the physical health of the 12 boys and their soccer coach have been fully rehabilitated after spending more than a week under close medical care at Chiang Rai hospital, psychiatrists are still concerned about their mental state and have advised against exposing them directly to questioning by the media.

Governor Prajon said they will be discharged a day earlier than planned because they have made full recovery though they still need to continue to be given anti-botics for another week.

The governor said their families will be also be present at the press conference tomorrow. Mr Prajon said the media will be advised not to bother the boys after they return to their families and communities. Their parents will also be cautioned not to subject their children to media expose because they are still mentally vulnerable and are protected under the child protection law.