11 July 2024

8 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine and 5 million doses of Sinovac vaccine are being administered through to the end of August 2021, while 15.38 million doses, mainly of the same two makes, have been administered in Thailand to date, according to the Prime Minister’s Operations Centre today (Friday).

The government is mostly aiming at inoculating people aged 60 and over and those with any of the seven underlying diseases this month and next, according to the centre’s Facebook page, with 33% of the 13 million doses, counted from July 19th, to be administered to people living in 11 provinces in the COVID-19 “Dark Red” and “Red” zones.

15% are for those in the social security fund and those who are part of driving the economy. 12% are for those working for government agencies. 3% are booster doses for medical personnel. 12% are to be used as second doses (AstraZeneca). 10% are for those living in other “Red” zone provinces and other provinces preparing to reopen to tourists. 15% are for those living in the remaining 48 provinces.

7.8 million people were inoculated with Sinovac, 6.7 million were inoculated with AstraZeneca and 560,176 people were inoculated with Sinopharm. Of all the people inoculated, 20.39% are aged 60 and over, 10.58% are those with any of the seven specified diseases, 10.64% are medical personnel and health volunteers, 7.08% are other officials at risk of physical contact with patients and 51.31% are people living in high-risk areas.