11 July 2024

A 12-year-old boy was lauded by the chief of Bangkok’s Min Buri district, Sakchai Saisuk, for administering CPR, which he learned at a rescue foundation, to a 6-year-old boy who had just been saved from drowning in a canal.

On Saturday, the district chief praised the boy, Siraphat Sri-ngarm, a Grade 6 student from Sala Khu School, for his instinctive action in administering CPR to the victim, until he regained consciousness, began to breathe again and could be rushed to a hospital.

He also thanked the Rom Sai Foundation for sending a rescue unit to the scene so quickly.

According to Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Facebook page, Siraphat said that he learned how to perform CPR from a Rom Sai Foundation trainer on October 5th.

He said that he happened to be at the scene when the victim was fished out of the canal, adding that he found the victim choking and immediately applied the CPR technique which he had recently learned.