11 July 2024

Narcotic suppression police intercepted two pickup trucks at road checkpoint in Thailand’s northern province of Lamphun on Thursday and seized 12 million methamphetamine, or “ya baa” tablets, hidden in beehives.

The drivers of the two trucks, identified only as “Saravut” and “Charnnarong”, were taken into custody for questioning.

Acting on intelligence received, police had been monitoring the activities of a drug trafficking team, until they learned that a large cache of illegal narcotics, believed to be ya baa, was to be taken, in two pickup trucks, from Pai district in Mae Hong Son to potential buyers deeper inland.

Instead of using the main highways, the drivers chose local roads through Chiang Mai and into Lamphun province, with the lead vehicle acting as the scout and the second loaded with the drugs.

The trucks were stopped at a road checkpoint in Wang Din, Lamphun province. The ya baa was discovered in the second truck.